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New Course Coming Soon!

(Estimated Release May 15th)

  • Private Lesson

    • 1 hour of private coaching
    • 1-on-1 Session with one of our Industry Leading Coaches
    • Creative Guidance for your Personal or Professional Projects
  • Private Crash Course

    Learn it all 1-on-1
    • 6 Hours of Private Coaching
    • Cover the basics in 1-on-1 Sessions
    • Coaching for your personal or professionals projects
    • $150 Discount (buy 5 get 1 free)

AI Video Course:

The course is being fully re-designed to be an accessible way to learn to use Stable Diffusion technology to make generative visionary video art.  These tools can seem daunting and can be difficult to learn on your own, but we are here to guide you every step of the way, opening up the world of AI animation for everyone!

The FungAI Learning Center is your one stop education platform for learning all the tools and techniques leading the field of AI video creation.  We have synthesized all the necessary information and steps into a comprehensive and easy to follow course, so you can spend more time taking in the right information without having to sift through the rest.

The course will cover tools such as Automatic1111, Deforum, ComfyUI, AnimateDiff, and WarpFusion (Colab Notebook).

These will allow you to create fully synthetic computer dreams, as well as video-to-video animation.

For more information see the FAQ section here or contact us here.

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