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Welcome to the
FungAI Learning Center

AI Video Education for everyone! Become the creator you've always wanted to be! Join our community and develop your generative video art skills with industry standard Stable Diffusion tools.

A Comprehensive Education of AI Video Creation

Flexible Learning Options

Collaborative Learning

Our Mission

At the FungAI Learning Center we are passionate about the transformative synergy of art and technology in the world of video creation. Our mission at the FungAI Learning Center is to unlock the limitless potential of AI as a tool for communicating an creating through video artistry. We are dedicated to educating and equipping creators with cutting-edge AI video art tools, fostering a culture of creative exploration and skill development. Our commitment is to cultivate a thriving community where collaboration and continuous learning empower each member to redefine the boundaries of video art in the digital age.

What We Offer


Comprehensive Understanding

Learn to use a variety of the latest AI video creation tools from the ground up, building the confidence to create stunning videos with ease.


Community Support

Access our weekly members only live streams, group sessions, and tech support in our Discord Server.


Flexible Learning

Learn where and when you want! Between our pre-recorded course, and access to our Discord server and live stream sessions, you will have many ways to find the information you need.

- Free Access -

Join our Discord server! 


Start Creating Your Visions Today!

Sign up now and take your video creation skills to the next level and learn to create your wildest visions!

Advanced AI Video Tools

Collaborative Learning

Flexible Learning Options

  • Private Lesson

    • 1 hour of private coaching
    • 1-on-1 Session with one of our Industry Leading Coaches
    • Creative Guidance for your Personal or Professional Projects

What Our Students Say

"If you are completely new to stable diffusion, and have no technical background, Ori is the perfect teacher for you! He really covers the basics and explains all the concepts so that it's really easy to understand! He has an in-depth knowledge and is always keen to help his students make their ideas into beautiful art.

--Tara D.

"Ori helped me step up my warp fusion game by answering a lot of my questions and live coaching me as I created a warp fusion video in a new style. Ori's coaching was 100% worth it and I highly recommend it!"



"Ori helped me understand and get up to speed creating my own AI videos. What would have taken me weeks and a ton of headache to do on my own, Ori was able to help me accomplish in a several hours."

-Aja D.

Ready to take your video creation skills to the next level? Join the FungAI Learning Center today!

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